Agendas & Apologia

It’s not a backlash against Islam that Britain needs to fear, it’s the opposite. That the country is too restrained, too tolerant, and too fundamentally decent, still, to react to its changed circumstances. But decency means knowing when to defend yourself and your values. Decency means knowing the difference between when to remain passive, and when to stand up to a bully.

After the Manchester Arena Islamic terror attack, the story was moved along with bewildering efficiency, from carnage to tribute concert in the space of just two weeks, despite another jihadi attack occurring on London Bridge between the two. And then we were all moved on, by people who’d rather not dwell on the difference between a country in which there’s very little Islam, and a country with slightly more.

Maybe the difference between our liberal denialists and those who can’t ignore reality, no matter how relentlessly we’re encouraged to do so, is in what makes us each feel better. Directionless sentimentality and textureless platitudes work for some people, affording a quick cure to get them past the horror and the dissonance. But if all you want to do is make yourself feel better and move on, then you’re fundamentally selfish. You’ve got your fix, but what about the next set of victims? Do your thoughts not turn to ways of ensuring that there are no more victims? And if not, why not, doesn’t that seem heartless?

Attacks from the left on anyone who demands more robust action on all aspects of Islamic incursion into secular democracy are frustrating, and obstruct progress. As a matter of course, those who address the facts honestly will be accused of pushing a callous, perhaps racist agenda.

But don’t these accusations actually describe well the mindset of the oblivious tealight adherents?

If you’re content to carry on as normal (which is actually the far from normal new normal), knowing that more people will suffer, simply because such a course of action is established, uncontroversial, and means you don’t have to rethink your politics, what are you if not callous?

And isn’t it that peculiar brand of bigotry so common on the modern left—the soft bigotry of low expectations—which leads to Muslims being treated as particularly vulnerable and prone to making bad decisions? From which leftists cry foul when Islam is placed under increased scrutiny, when of course—in light of the constant terror threat across Europe—Islamic institutions absolutely should be under increased scrutiny.

As for pushing an agenda, yes, that’s true. Here’s the agenda: stop people from dying and being abused. Protect children. Safeguard liberal values. Stand up to misogynistic, homophobic, religious ultra-conservatives, who at their fringes utilize extreme violence and cause suffering around the world.

And do the aloof progressives offering up our safety and freedoms in sacrifice to a uniquely PC brand of religious tyranny not have their own agenda? One that involves open borders, and a servile devotion to multiculturalism at all costs? Or are they so immersed in their agenda that they can’t see there’s even an agenda to be immersed in?

The modern progressive-left is incapable of discussing national identity, as it provokes in them some weird, conditioned sensation of otherness and revulsion. They don’t care about history other than as a stick with which to beat the West. They appear to hold Britain in contempt, and they’ll make a self-conscious performance of how little they care about the liberties they’ve inherited.

They’re fashionable and disinterested. And also censorious, intolerant, and morally disorientated. They’ve been knocked out of whack by years of indoctrination and spin. Deconstructed and reconstituted, they sip sloppy coffee with purpose, and tetchily instruct the world to do nothing. They’ll posture cynicism while embodying conformity, and tell you haughtily to stop making a fuss. This is just the way it is now, they’ll inform you.

But it isn’t. It’s just the way they are now.

And if you try to engage, and counter their fatalism with some concrete suggestions—about Islam, terrorism, immigration—well, that will get you nowhere. You’ll be boxed off as a populist, or a reactionary, or an alt-right crypto-fascist, using the threat of a theocratic darkness they deny the existence of, in order to bring about a variety of fascist darkness which actually presents zero credible threat in modern Britain. Their reasoning is perfectly circular, and excludes any possibility of non-leftism.

Nonsensical, negative and self absorbed, the progressive-left in its current state should be out of the political fight, but in a state of submission to Islam and political correctness, it’s somehow hanging on. That mightn’t be so bad, but in an unknowing slave condition it’s working as the apologia-and-normalization bureau for Islamic extremism, and threatening to drag the rest of us down with it.

Around an enemy which would kill us—which is killing us—is a sentient protective wall, and it reads the Guardian.

5 thoughts on “Agendas & Apologia

  1. Great article, the description of ‘sloppy coffee drinkers’ is Owen Jones isn’t it? I had all my worst fears confirmed when i saw the Alistair Campbell video, i just knew he would be one of those annoying ostentatious just drinking my coffee people.

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