Political Shifts

I’m feeling some movements in the aether, strange energies, my teeth are numb and the cat looked at me funny, so I had a look in the tea leaves to see what’s on the way. Two lapsang souchongs and a fig roll down and I can tell you, the political sands are shifting like my bowels.

Have you noticed that intolerant leftist grip over everything? On politics, culture, comedy, whether or not it’s acceptable to listen to Morrissey? Well, the patterns at the bottom of my china tell me that while that politically correct, new left orthodoxy is layered over everything, it’s paper thin. So thin it might start to tear. So thin you can almost see through it, and there’s something moving under there.

I had another cup and asked to see what was going on with the right-wing, and here’s what was revealed: Despite being battered relentlessly in the ‘culture wars’, and caving and capitulating and conforming at every critical moment, the right—along with those who aren’t quite on the right but certainly aren’t on side with wokism—still keeps doing something of far greater significance than, for example, dictating what jokes it is and isn’t acceptable to laugh at. Specifically: the right and its allies keep winning elections. Even now, with the woke left at its zenith, and with hardly a true conservative in sight (and those that there are subject to abuse and smears), still, the right can take majorities of votes.

And that’s not all. The right tends to outwit new-left arguments online, while the left resorts to censorship. The right deals in what are regarded as common sense perceptions, while the new-left believes the world to be populated by genderless blank slates. And while the left unites behind a rainbow flag on a Budweiser cup, the right convenes behind the somewhat more commanding flag of the nation state itself.

The tea has run out, so I have a can of Fanta and cast Taiwanese divination blocks on my wooden floor.

There’s something else about the state of the right, they tell me. Something very important: the right is currently harbouring an enormous sense of grievance.

Is the sense of grievance justified?

That doesn’t matter. All that is of consequence is that it exists, and it’s a driving, slow-burning, accumulating force.

And there’s something else the right has too, something underpinning all of this: a numerical advantage.

A couple of weeks ago Naval Ravikant appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, and during his interview said the following (attributing it as originally someone else’s words, although he didn’t say whose):

The left won the culture war and now they’re just driving round picking off survivors.

It’s a great line and a striking image, and at the time I thought it was accurate, but actually, I’ve changed my mind now. For a start, leftists can’t drive or operate firearms, but there’s more to it than that.

Rather than being dead or dying, the right has effectively been in hiding, or, in some pockets, in what resembles a mirthless, drugged state.

Zombified. Sleepwalking. Anonymous.

But present, nonetheless, and in numbers. And now that the new Maoist left’s antics have reached such a provocative, puffed up, smug and intolerable pitch, it’s starting to look like the right can’t help but wake up and react. As in, not just a fringe, but with purpose. It’s been a long time coming, but the drugs are wearing off and the fortress door creaks open.

We have movement!

The left is currently so emboldened and wrapped up in itself that not only are milkshakes thrown at right-wingers in the street, but this is then cheered on by mainstream commentators and—get this—fast food chains.

And at the same time as leftists revel in the throwing of milkshake, indicating that they approve of this strategy, and so will presumably apply it further, they become indignant when a right-wing MP intervenes to prevent a trespassing activist from doing whatever it is trespassing activists do after marching through a room they don’t have permission to enter.

There is an argument to be had over whether Mr Field used reasonable force, or was excessive, but on a more fundamental note, what do left-wing trespassers expect–to be waved through? Handed a dairy product to chuck around? Bought a pint?

I throw the divination blocks in the tea cup, shake the whole lot around, and perceive a final message.

The left hasn’t been picking off survivors at all, it’s been prodding people with sticks. And prodding them some more. And sharpening the sticks. And prodding. And following that up with some sharpening and prodding.

Noam Chomsky said this about left-wing aggression, in 2017, while criticising Antifa:

When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win–and we know who that is.

The right isn’t about to embrace mindless violence, but the principle underlying Chomsky’s words applies to current left-wing tactics in general. When a critical mass of non-leftists switches, and concludes they have had enough of what the left has been up to, and that there is nothing to lose, and that–what the hell–let’s play by the left’s rules, let’s throw it all back at them, then there will be—for better or worse—enormous shifts.

For better, because the current situation, the left-wing cultural hegemony, is unsustainable, unhealthy, and stifling. Too many people have had as much of it as they can take. Too many people want to see the back of the liberal priesthood.

And for worse? Who knows exactly. But my horoscope this morning said that when a faction gets in the habit of playing dirty and aggressive, the habit can be difficult to break.

But the visions are fading now… reality aligns… that was some strong lapsang souchong.

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