Book Release: I Wish I Hadn’t Written This

I love deleting things.

Flushing all my tweets. I enjoy when the online aftermath gets click-wiped away, like digital crumbs. Who said what? Who was in the right, and who was talking nonsense?

who cares?

That’s what it all comes down to in the end: so what?


This is particularly true when it comes to politics, Brexit, and the so-called culture wars, because the thing is, does anyone really have the first clue who was right and who was wrong?

Was right? Maybe sometimes, maybe not ever, maybe it doesn’t matter.

But… for around three and a half years, I was an active participant in those culture wars, and wrote tens of thousands of words, some of which were well received.

So while deletion is satisfying, in this case I’ve decided also to make a compilation and archive of my writing during that period, in book form.

Topics covered are those that were laying waste to everyone’s sanity at the time:




Free speech


Social media

Identity politics

Political correctness

The rise of wokeness

Pious celebrities

Media bias

…and all the rest of it.

It was chaos. So here is a collection to preserve one small section of the storm. The view from a tiny online corner, of the digital derangement one couldn’t help, for a time, but be washed along with.

The book is called,

I Wish I Hadn’t Written This: An Archive of Being Too Online in the Culture Wars, 2016-2019

If it serves only to facilitate my own sense of closure, that’s fine, but of course, if you’d like to buy it, that would be very welcome and I’d be grateful.

It can be purchased here as a paperback or a Kindle Edition.

Thank you.

And wash your hands.


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