One Thing Leads To Another

I just wrote about how Twitter is not good for you.

Not good for anything.

Not good.

And that led me to think of how one thing leads to another, which is a good example of how one thing leads to another.

What I mean by that, is that whatever you contemplate, is only going to lead to more contemplation of similar, connected things. And so what happens if you spend too long on social media, staring at very bad, unjust developments, and reports of how atrocious your enemies are, and terrible stats, and revelations about how the stats are not true, and true stats that show how the fake stats are being used to dupe everyone, and how all this is being done by your enemies, who are–was it mentioned?–atrocious, and how you are right about everything, but the evidence of that is being covered up, and then some more bad things and injustice and cooked stats…

And your mind is gone.

I mean really, you’re done, because one thing leads to another, and you went with the wrong thing, until now the another you didn’t need is all you can think about.

And what’s worse, that guy over there–your atrocious enemy–he got shackled to a wrong thing too. Not the same wrong thing as you, he went with an opposite wrong thing, and now one thing has led to an other another, and you’ve essentially landed up stranded on different mental planets.

Have fun blocking each other.

But of course, one thing leads to another is neutral, and it works both ways. Works every way.

Guaranteed, absolutely nailed on, you start doing something simple that you enjoy, and it will lead to enjoyable and surprising ideas you couldn’t have imagined had you not started that first, simple task.

Whatever you’re into, that’s how it works. Could be painting, writing, meditation, commerce, trading, sailing, surfing, knitting, baking, bare knuckle boxing, take your pick…

One thing leads to another.

And pretty soon your attention is taken up with new ideas about the things you love.

And if you’re really smart, you’ll take those ideas and you’ll act on them.

And then guess what comes along?

But that’s the best thing.

You can’t guess and there’s only one way to find out.

Top image is by Alex Fruehmann

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