Social justice progressives are like a sack of rocks tied round your waist when you’re trying to run a marathon. It’s not that they’re bad people, they’re just so far behind what’s really going on. They’re sitting at the back of the class, wiping gunk from their eyes and babbling nonsensically, while the rest of the school sighs heavily and waits for them to calm down and catch up.

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On The Bus With An SJW And A Neo-Nazi

I was on the bus the other day, and to my surprise a conservatively attired neo-Nazi and a blue-haired social justice warrior got on and sat together in front of me. I was waiting for the sparks to fly, but incredibly, they got on like a house on fire. The conversation was fascinating, so I sneaked out my notebook and started discreetly scribbling down their chat.

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Beyond Criticism

The Conservative government is planning to make changes to gender identity rules, allowing people to change their birth certificate so that it records them as the sex of their choice, or even just assign themselves a biologically impossible X in place of boy or girl, all without consulting a doctor. Currently it’s necessary to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and to have been in transition for at least two years, in order to record a change of sex. Under the new rules these requirements would be thrown out, redefining gender assignment as a non-medical personal choice.

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Progressives’ Barmy Universe

The more you listen to modern liberal progressives, the more you can feel like you’re losing your mind. Let yourself get sucked into their barmy universe and the only way to survive is by letting go of reason and logic. So, it’s worth asking if progressivism nowadays is a form of mental disorder, and if, perhaps, we should give consideration to having the whole lot of them sectioned.

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The Obsessive Racism of the New Left

The new left is racist. The middle class, holier-than-though, Europhile left. You know the ones. The millennial, mud slinging narcissists, fixated on skin colour and marching for Islamism. Look at their progressive media and you’ll find endlessly carping think pieces on their perpetual hang up: race. They have a creepy obsession and ambiguous motives.

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The Increasing Irrelevance of Celebrity Politics

It’s easy to become frustrated by right-on celebrities like JK Rowling and Gary Lineker. The kind of reverend preachers who dissolve moronically into the regressive left cultural soup like soggy croutons in a rancid onion broth.
Aloof, blinkered, and dismissive of ordinary people’s opinions, they seem willing to put lives and liberties in danger for no other reason than to preserve their own warped ideology.
But take a breather and you remember that they’re not deliberately nefarious. They believe earnestly that they’re doing the correct, moral thing. And that is at once chilling, and simultaneously a paradoxical reminder of all that needs protecting in Western democracies.

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Normalizing The Extreme By Redefining Words

Stumble accidentally into a social justice dominated forum and you’ll find yourself dizzied by various barked phrases which don’t mean anything. That is, you’ll recognise the words, but their meanings will be hollowed out and corrupted.
This is because the activist left has a habit of twisting words to serve its own purpose. There’s a basic disrespect for language, and an unwillingness to be precise. Buzzwords abound, and if you don’t know what they mean, then your ignorance may itself be taken down and used in evidence against you.

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Berkeley Riots Results Are In: Milo Wins

The riots that took place at UC Berkeley last week were disturbing to watch. A thuggish combination of students, left-wing activists, and so-called antifa put on a chest-thumping display of violence and intimidation. With their faces covered and dressed in black, they acted out their faux-revolutionary wet dreams, playing the big man in a totally safe environment where they faced no opposition. With pack-mentality cowardice they started fires, smashed up businesses, and savagely beat those they disagree with, in this case, visiting speaker Milo Yiannopolous’ intended audience.

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Truth or Nazis? How to Avoid Reality

After the election of Donald Trump, I thought there might be a popular watershed. Suddenly people on both sides of the political spectrum were discussing identity politics and what a pile of shit it is, and it genuinely seemed that cultural sanity might be restored. Even left-liberal Hillary supporters were confronting the problem, as shown in the nail-hitting Jonathan Pie video that went viral back in November.

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