Dear Scum

Here in the universities we’ve been distressed of late, as it seems some among you think (and we use that word loosely, it’s more as if dull shapes wooze into existence at the bottom of your lizard brains) that there is some kind of left-wing, pro-EU bias in our institutions of study.
It pains us to have to explain this—not least because you’re unlikely to have the intellectual capacity to process it—but of course we’re all left-wing and pro-EU, for a very simple reason: those are clever people’s opinions, and we’re exceedingly clever.

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Stockholm: Same Old Script

Don’t bother turning off the lights on the Eiffel Tower, or turning on the lights on the Brandenburg Gate, or lighting a candle and photographing it poignantly.
After the Islamist atrocity in Stockholm last week, does anybody still care about these overly familiar, increasingly mechanical routines? It looks like theatre now. Like a jaded actor sadly going through the motions. Projecting his lines, pitch perfect and with not a vowel out of place, but signifying absolutely nothing of consequence.

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Goodbye To The EU, But Not To Europe

After several months of waiting, Article 50 has been triggered. Britain is leaving the EU and the reaction has been exactly as you’d expect. Celebration among those who voted to leave, acceptance from Remain backers who are now comfortable with the result, and a strange mixture of negative emotions among intransigent Hard Remainers, who’ve expressed anger, despair, and a significant amount of bitterness.

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Marine Le Pen: Theatre With A Message

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has just done a helpful favour to baffled left wingers, by outlining exactly what it is they’re missing. If you want a short, devastatingly effective illustration of why politicians such as Le Pen are gathering momentum, all you have to do is watch Tuesday’s video of the Front National leader arriving to meet Lebanon’s Sunni leader, Abdel Latif Derian.

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Owen Jones And Mark Steel Are Deflecting Attention From Terror Attacks

Brexiteers have copped a lot of abuse over the past few months for allegedly being swayed by emotion and ignorant of the facts. I no longer care about this palpably incorrect nonsense. The Brexiteers I know are sometimes almost obsessively well informed about the EU, in many cases far more so than the bovine whingers who plumped for Remain because the establishment told them to. (I know, I know, there are plenty of intelligent, democracy respecting Remainers too.)

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The Farage Overreaction

I don’t know what to call them anymore. Progressives? Obviously not. Liberals? I sense no liberalism in their approach to dissent. Regressive left? Control left?
However you refer to them, the response of some parts of the left wing to yesterday’s horrific events in Berlin and Ankara was remarkable.
Try Labour MP Jess Phillips’ Twitter timeline. You’ll find that quite some effort has gone into attacking not Islamism, but instead Nigel Farage, due to his spat with Brendan Cox, the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox.

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