Veiling The Issue

There was something troubling about sections of the media’s sneering reaction to Ukip’s statement on the subject of face veils on Monday. The party wants to prohibit the custom of completely covering one’s face in public, as practised by some Muslims. As it’s the widely maligned Ukip who proposed it, the idea was met with a significant amount of derision.

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The Dumb Default

In response to last week’s terror attack in London, we saw a swift, strong, and efficiently targeted official response. It’s reassuring to know that our media and government are working in finely tuned coordination to protect us. The process has gone like clockwork, so let’s take a moment to reflect on how it works.

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Stealth Blasphemy UK

The BBC Asian Network went a little off kilter last week. In case you missed it, they sent out a cheerful message in which presenter Shazia Awan, who just arrived from the middle ages, vacuously requested listeners to call in with their views on the appropriate punishment for blasphemy. The corporation had to cope with a backlash, and in the end Britain’s glorious state broadcaster apologised. Our selfless moral guides at the Beeb are no doubt now fretting over whether their lack of conviction with regard to persecuting sinners might have serious consequences in the next life.

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Mr O Jones’s Diary: Edge of Reason

It’s been a busy few months campaigning against democracy, and having achieved nothing I think I’ve earned a break. Actually I’m confused. I just don’t understand the abuse I get online. I dedicate my life to telling people they voted wrong and we shouldn’t do what they’ve chosen, and I get grief for it. Is it bad to remind Brexiters that their hatred and bigotry have enabled a wave of hatred and bigotry? Don’t Tories want to know how evil and degenerate they are? And as for Trump, I clearly told Americans to vote for Hillary. Weren’t they listening?

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Zero Pity For The BBC

The BBC, along with CNN, Buzzfeed, and various other media outlets, has every right to be upset at being excluded from the White House’s off camera press briefing last week. But there’s something important the corporation should consider. A significant number of licence fee payers either don’t care, or are positively enjoying the fact, that the broadcaster was left out in the cold.
Aren’t we supposed to love Auntie? Shouldn’t it give us a reassuring glow as it broadcasts in good faith from around the world? Not any more, it seems.

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