Down With Free Speech

The cry from the left is unmistakable now: free speech is dangerous, and to support it marks you out as a suspicious individual. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to be added to any hit lists of people who favour free expression, so best just to grab a pitchfork and hope the mob doesn’t intuit your thought crimes.

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Social justice progressives are like a sack of rocks tied round your waist when you’re trying to run a marathon. It’s not that they’re bad people, they’re just so far behind what’s really going on. They’re sitting at the back of the class, wiping gunk from their eyes and babbling nonsensically, while the rest of the school sighs heavily and waits for them to calm down and catch up.

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On The Bus With An SJW And A Neo-Nazi

I was on the bus the other day, and to my surprise a conservatively attired neo-Nazi and a blue-haired social justice warrior got on and sat together in front of me. I was waiting for the sparks to fly, but incredibly, they got on like a house on fire. The conversation was fascinating, so I sneaked out my notebook and started discreetly scribbling down their chat.

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5 Things Anti-Trump Protesters Are Getting Wrong

Donald Trump’s election has sent progressives into a tailspin, and there have been numerous protests against the new president. But not everyone shares the sense of imminent catastrophe. Marches and demonstrations are viewed with cynicism by many, and if those opposed to Trump want to engage with people outside their activist groups, they need to address some critical problems in their movement.

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Normalizing The Extreme By Redefining Words

Stumble accidentally into a social justice dominated forum and you’ll find yourself dizzied by various barked phrases which don’t mean anything. That is, you’ll recognise the words, but their meanings will be hollowed out and corrupted.
This is because the activist left has a habit of twisting words to serve its own purpose. There’s a basic disrespect for language, and an unwillingness to be precise. Buzzwords abound, and if you don’t know what they mean, then your ignorance may itself be taken down and used in evidence against you.

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Jim Jefferies, Piers Morgan, And Everything Wrong With The Left

For an indication of how astonishingly badly the left is doing right now, consider this terrifying fact: they’re making Piers Morgan look good.
In this clip from Bill Maher’s Real Time, Morgan is verbally barracked by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Morgan’s crimes? First, like 64 million Americans last November, he doesn’t agree that Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Donald Trump. And secondly, he stated correctly that Trump’s immigration order can’t accurately be called a ‘Muslim ban’.

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Political Trench Warfare

Which are you, a neo-Nazi or a Stalinist? Would you prefer alt-right white nationalism or soc-jus Marxist absolutism? Do you want that with chips or rice?
As the political landscape fractures and shifts, and the not-really-progressive left continues to handle actual change very badly indeed, an extreme polarization has taken hold. Issues are being divided into a competitive binary, around which you must plant a flag and dig in.

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Berkeley Riots Results Are In: Milo Wins

The riots that took place at UC Berkeley last week were disturbing to watch. A thuggish combination of students, left-wing activists, and so-called antifa put on a chest-thumping display of violence and intimidation. With their faces covered and dressed in black, they acted out their faux-revolutionary wet dreams, playing the big man in a totally safe environment where they faced no opposition. With pack-mentality cowardice they started fires, smashed up businesses, and savagely beat those they disagree with, in this case, visiting speaker Milo Yiannopolous’ intended audience.

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Truth or Nazis? How to Avoid Reality

After the election of Donald Trump, I thought there might be a popular watershed. Suddenly people on both sides of the political spectrum were discussing identity politics and what a pile of shit it is, and it genuinely seemed that cultural sanity might be restored. Even left-liberal Hillary supporters were confronting the problem, as shown in the nail-hitting Jonathan Pie video that went viral back in November.

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