Anti-Trump Fury and Progressive Prejudice

At the weekend Donald Trump authorised a 90 day temporary ban on people entering the United States from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, and an indefinite ban on Syrian entry. This is similar to when Barack Obama imposed a 6 month entry ban on Iraqis in 2011, except that Obama received no vilification. The purpose of the current ban is to ensure security while the new administration reviews the vetting process for incoming refugees. Many observers argue that this isn’t reasonable justification. Others say the opposite. As it goes, America just held a free and fair election to determine who makes the decision.

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Learning From Liberals

In the interests of balance, I chose this week to open my mind to the liberal progressive cause, and learn about social justice.
Ready to be tutored by my liberal superiors, I’ve watched the bewildering, right-on bedlam being played out, seemingly unscripted and without any discernible purpose, by the zany, arsonist left. There was much to grapple with and it was terribly frightening, but I’ve been schooled well and am now ready to join the progressive struggle.

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Why Progressives Get Violent

Before the US election, some on the political left predicted that Donald Trump supporters would be violent if they lost. This can now be seen as an act of psychological projection, as the opposite has actually happened.
Immediately after the results came in there were violent demonstrations, including property damage and burned flags. Later, a young Trump supporter in Chicago was kidnapped, tortured and racially abused for being white.
Trump’s inauguration was accompanied by rioting on the streets, a burned out car, and further property damage.

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Conservative Politics Avoids The Celebrity Spell

When faced with a political dilemma my first reaction is always: what would Charlotte Church do? Sometimes she’s busy planning a march or burning copies of the Sun though, and I can’t discover her thoughts.
In those circumstances I get help by tuning in to the opinion of every other famous person on the planet. Superstars, has-beens, might-bes, can’t-quites, it doesn’t matter, because they all share a single, bromidic opinion. Whatever the choice, whatever the circumstances, they favour the prescribed ‘liberal progressive’ option.

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Triggered Liberals Are Ban-Happy

Have you heard the news? Liberal progressives (yeah right) have just woken up to the fact that identity politics is divisive and counter productive. That is, a form of politics that divides people according to race, gender and sexual preference turns out to be divisive. It appears that people prefer to be judged on the content of their character rather than on superficial identity categories. Well, well, who would’ve thought it?

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Identity Politics Doubles Down

Opponents of the radical left’s excesses have for a long time warned that over-bearing, often nonsensical levels of fervent political correctness are having a deleterious effect on public discourse.

The censoriousness, anti-democracy, and plain nastiness of the regressive left is not only wrong on a moral and a civil level, but is counter-productive to its own aims.

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