The Dumb Default

In response to last week’s terror attack in London, we saw a swift, strong, and efficiently targeted official response. It’s reassuring to know that our media and government are working in finely tuned coordination to protect us. The process has gone like clockwork, so let’s take a moment to reflect on how it works.

Stealth Blasphemy UK

The BBC Asian Network went a little off kilter last week. In case you missed it, they sent out a cheerful message in which presenter Shazia Awan, who just arrived from the middle ages, vacuously requested listeners to call in with their views on the appropriate punishment for blasphemy. The corporation had to cope with a backlash, and in the end Britain’s glorious state broadcaster apologised. Our selfless moral guides at the Beeb are no doubt now fretting over whether their lack of conviction with regard to persecuting sinners might have serious consequences in the next life.

Mr O Jones’s Diary: Edge of Reason

It’s been a busy few months campaigning against democracy, and having achieved nothing I think I’ve earned a break. Actually I’m confused. I just don’t understand the abuse I get online. I dedicate my life to telling people they voted wrong and we shouldn’t do what they’ve chosen, and I get grief for it. Is it bad to remind Brexiters that their hatred and bigotry have enabled a wave of hatred and bigotry? Don’t Tories want to know how evil and degenerate they are? And as for Trump, I clearly told Americans to vote for Hillary. Weren’t they listening?

The Obsessive Racism of the New Left

The new left is racist. The middle class, holier-than-though, Europhile left. You know the ones. The millennial, mud slinging narcissists, fixated on skin colour and marching for Islamism. Look at their progressive media and you’ll find endlessly carping think pieces on their perpetual hang up: race. They have a creepy obsession and ambiguous motives.

Zero Pity For The BBC

The BBC, along with CNN, Buzzfeed, and various other media outlets, has every right to be upset at being excluded from the White House’s off camera press briefing last week. But there’s something important the corporation should consider. A significant number of licence fee payers either don’t care, or are positively enjoying the fact, that the broadcaster was left out in the cold.
Aren’t we supposed to love Auntie? Shouldn’t it give us a reassuring glow as it broadcasts in good faith from around the world? Not any more, it seems.

Marine Le Pen Expresses Values Progressives Have Forgotten

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has just done a helpful favour to baffled left wingers, by outlining exactly what it is they’re missing. If you want a short, devastatingly effective illustration of why politicians such as Le Pen are gathering momentum, all you have to do is watch Tuesday’s video of the Front National leader arriving to meet Lebanon’s Sunni leader, Abdel Latif Derian.

The Increasing Irrelevance of Celebrity Politics

It’s easy to become frustrated by right-on celebrities like JK Rowling and Gary Lineker. The kind of reverend preachers who dissolve moronically into the regressive left cultural soup like soggy croutons in a rancid onion broth.
Aloof, blinkered, and dismissive of ordinary people’s opinions, they seem willing to put lives and liberties in danger for no other reason than to preserve their own warped ideology.
But take a breather and you remember that they’re not deliberately nefarious. They believe earnestly that they’re doing the correct, moral thing. And that is at once chilling, and simultaneously a paradoxical reminder of all that needs protecting in Western democracies.

5 Things Anti-Trump Protesters Are Getting Wrong

Donald Trump’s election has sent progressives into a tailspin, and there have been numerous protests against the new president. But not everyone shares the sense of imminent catastrophe. Marches and demonstrations are viewed with cynicism by many, and if those opposed to Trump want to engage with people outside their activist groups, they need to address some critical problems in their movement.

Normalizing The Extreme By Redefining Words

Stumble accidentally into a social justice dominated forum and you’ll find yourself dizzied by various barked phrases which don’t mean anything. That is, you’ll recognise the words, but their meanings will be hollowed out and corrupted.
This is because the activist left has a habit of twisting words to serve its own purpose. There’s a basic disrespect for language, and an unwillingness to be precise. Buzzwords abound, and if you don’t know what they mean, then your ignorance may itself be taken down and used in evidence against you.

Jim Jefferies, Piers Morgan, And Everything Wrong With The Left

For an indication of how astonishingly badly the left is doing right now, consider this terrifying fact: they’re making Piers Morgan look good.
In this clip from Bill Maher’s Real Time, Morgan is verbally barracked by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Morgan’s crimes? First, like 64 million Americans last November, he doesn’t agree that Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Donald Trump. And secondly, he stated correctly that Trump’s immigration order can’t accurately be called a ‘Muslim ban’.