Zero Pity For The BBC

The BBC, along with CNN, Buzzfeed, and various other media outlets, has every right to be upset at being excluded from the White House’s off camera press briefing last week. But there’s something important the corporation should consider. A significant number of licence fee payers either don’t care, or are positively enjoying the fact, that the broadcaster was left out in the cold.
Aren’t we supposed to love Auntie? Shouldn’t it give us a reassuring glow as it broadcasts in good faith from around the world? Not any more, it seems.

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5 Things Anti-Trump Protesters Are Getting Wrong

Donald Trump’s election has sent progressives into a tailspin, and there have been numerous protests against the new president. But not everyone shares the sense of imminent catastrophe. Marches and demonstrations are viewed with cynicism by many, and if those opposed to Trump want to engage with people outside their activist groups, they need to address some critical problems in their movement.

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Jim Jefferies, Piers Morgan, And Everything Wrong With The Left

For an indication of how astonishingly badly the left is doing right now, consider this terrifying fact: they’re making Piers Morgan look good.
In this clip from Bill Maher’s Real Time, Morgan is verbally barracked by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Morgan’s crimes? First, like 64 million Americans last November, he doesn’t agree that Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Donald Trump. And secondly, he stated correctly that Trump’s immigration order can’t accurately be called a ‘Muslim ban’.

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Political Trench Warfare

Which are you, a neo-Nazi or a Stalinist? Would you prefer alt-right white nationalism or soc-jus Marxist absolutism? Do you want that with chips or rice?
As the political landscape fractures and shifts, and the not-really-progressive left continues to handle actual change very badly indeed, an extreme polarization has taken hold. Issues are being divided into a competitive binary, around which you must plant a flag and dig in.

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Truth or Nazis? How to Avoid Reality

After the election of Donald Trump, I thought there might be a popular watershed. Suddenly people on both sides of the political spectrum were discussing identity politics and what a pile of shit it is, and it genuinely seemed that cultural sanity might be restored. Even left-liberal Hillary supporters were confronting the problem, as shown in the nail-hitting Jonathan Pie video that went viral back in November.

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Anti-Trump Fury and Progressive Prejudice

At the weekend Donald Trump authorised a 90 day temporary ban on people entering the United States from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, and an indefinite ban on Syrian entry. This is similar to when Barack Obama imposed a 6 month entry ban on Iraqis in 2011, except that Obama received no vilification. The purpose of the current ban is to ensure security while the new administration reviews the vetting process for incoming refugees. Many observers argue that this isn’t reasonable justification. Others say the opposite. As it goes, America just held a free and fair election to determine who makes the decision.

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Why Progressives Get Violent

Before the US election, some on the political left predicted that Donald Trump supporters would be violent if they lost. This can now be seen as an act of psychological projection, as the opposite has actually happened.
Immediately after the results came in there were violent demonstrations, including property damage and burned flags. Later, a young Trump supporter in Chicago was kidnapped, tortured and racially abused for being white.
Trump’s inauguration was accompanied by rioting on the streets, a burned out car, and further property damage.

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Schools Should Educate Not Indoctrinate

If you were uncertain about whether your kids were being imparted with a balanced, impartial view of the world by their school teachers, then you can stop doubting and be sure: they definitely are not.
Over at the Times Educational Supplement a little while ago, Oliver Beach, a former economics teacher and part of the BBC’s Tough Young Teachers series, laid out his educational call to arms. Casting aside old-fashioned notions of neutrality and open-minded inquiry, he makes clear that it is the mission of schools to indoctrinate your children into the faux-liberal, broken leftism that is currently being put firmly back in its box around the Western world.

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