Deregulate and Create

The inherent leftiness of the arts and music scene is relentlessly stifling, the creative industries having become intractably connected with so-called progressive politics. Those in the industry articulate, of course, a belief in artistic freedom, but it’s a false one, as the strict confines of the like-minded collective invisibly demarcate actual artistic practice.

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Agendas & Apologia

It’s not a backlash against Islam that Britain needs to fear, it’s the opposite. That the country is too restrained, too tolerant, and too fundamentally decent, still, to react to its changed circumstances. But decency means knowing when to defend yourself and your values. Decency means knowing the difference between when to remain passive, and when to stand up to a bully.

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Social justice progressives are like a sack of rocks tied round your waist when you’re trying to run a marathon. It’s not that they’re bad people, they’re just so far behind what’s really going on. They’re sitting at the back of the class, wiping gunk from their eyes and babbling nonsensically, while the rest of the school sighs heavily and waits for them to calm down and catch up.

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Why Progressives Get Violent

Before the US election, some on the political left predicted that Donald Trump supporters would be violent if they lost. This can now be seen as an act of psychological projection, as the opposite has actually happened.
Immediately after the results came in there were violent demonstrations, including property damage and burned flags. Later, a young Trump supporter in Chicago was kidnapped, tortured and racially abused for being white.
Trump’s inauguration was accompanied by rioting on the streets, a burned out car, and further property damage.

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Laughing at Voters, With Jones and Clegg

Have you seen the new method that liberal progressives have come up with to get all us wayward fascists back on board the love train?
It’s inspired. They get together in front of a camera, openly laugh in our faces about what feckless, naive cretins we are, and then widely distribute the recording.
The idea, I presume, is that if it’s drilled into us constantly that we are hopelessly stupid and unable to make logically coherent decisions for ourselves, then we’ll be happy to hand consent over to the enlightened, better-than-us leftists, and not meddle oafishly in their global masterplans anymore. They can get on with sainthood and erasing human misery, and we can get back to our pints of mild.

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Schools Should Educate Not Indoctrinate

If you were uncertain about whether your kids were being imparted with a balanced, impartial view of the world by their school teachers, then you can stop doubting and be sure: they definitely are not.
Over at the Times Educational Supplement a little while ago, Oliver Beach, a former economics teacher and part of the BBC’s Tough Young Teachers series, laid out his educational call to arms. Casting aside old-fashioned notions of neutrality and open-minded inquiry, he makes clear that it is the mission of schools to indoctrinate your children into the faux-liberal, broken leftism that is currently being put firmly back in its box around the Western world.

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The Dangerous Cowardice of Censorship

When you shut down free speech, thereby removing the right and the capability to dissent openly, then the methods of expression left available for those who have been silenced become out-of-sight, resentful, and, taken to the extreme, violent. The recent trend toward de-platforming and censorship is reckless and ill-informed.
Conservative journalist Milo Yiannopolous, who delights in provoking thin-skinned authoritarians, has just earned himself a $250’000 book deal with the publishers Simon & Schuster, and predictably, elements of the illiberal left are coughing and spluttering with indignation.

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The Farage Overreaction

I don’t know what to call them anymore. Progressives? Obviously not. Liberals? I sense no liberalism in their approach to dissent. Regressive left? Control left?
However you refer to them, the response of some parts of the left wing to yesterday’s horrific events in Berlin and Ankara was remarkable.
Try Labour MP Jess Phillips’ Twitter timeline. You’ll find that quite some effort has gone into attacking not Islamism, but instead Nigel Farage, due to his spat with Brendan Cox, the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox.

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You Would Say That, You’re a White Man

In Shinjuku’s eastern district—a do-as-you-like, all-night corner of Tokyo—I found myself in a tiny, crowded basement bar sipping lager from a can and listening to Depeche Mode. Assimilation indeed.
An American couple included me in their conversation, and soon began lamenting the election of Donald Trump. They became quite fraught as they went along, and after a while seemed bothered that my responses weren’t chiming with their feelings.

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